Water Jet NozzleWaterJet
Attaches to garden hose.

This product is a favorite among septic pumpers and septic repairmen.  Made of aluminum, attaches to a garden hose or similar hose.  Perfect for cleaning out 3" and 4" lines.  If the septic tank is draining slow due to sludge/soap/oils/sulfer buildup in the tightline, just send it out the outlet pipe toward the leach lines and watch the gunk be pulled back into the septic tank.  If the mainline is clogged and the septic inlet tee is open, send it up the pipe towards the house to break the blockage loose.

Also good for plumbers that don't have a high pressure jetter, or even if you do you can use this on the light duty jobs and save the big equipment for the heavy jobs. 

Works good in 3" and 4" rainwater drainage pipes to clear dirt and leaves.